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6/19/08 12:05 am - hello everyone :)

i'm so sorry i haven't been online here for sooooo long.... i hope you are all well :)

i'm deleting this account and making a new one, so that those of you who still wants to be in contact with me here on LJ can still write to me here and stuff. this old profile is just.... too messy or something.. hehe. my mind can't really cope with trying to clean it all up, so i'll just delete it all and start all over again :)

so for those who are interested in still being my friend here on LJ: my new LJ name is weirdnessDK

Big hug to you all :)

11/18/07 11:45 pm - here's a little update :)

So... i'm still breathing and all :) i'm just going through a hard time, kinda. I'm feeling so tired all the time and i don't know why. i'm going to the doctor on tuesday and he'll try to figure out why i am so tired all the time. :)

still single and i'm just fine with that. it would be nice to have a bf but i am not sure if i trut guys that much lately. i am suspicious about all of them, i guess.

i've got a bird now. his name is Birger and i love him soooo much, though he's a very shy budgie. perhaps it's because he hasn't really been handled by humans before. he's doing better now, though. I was really worried about him the first week i had him cos he was so quiet and just sat on a stick all day. but now he "talks" a lot and he eats and drinks well and it's all fine. he's just still very shy.

i only have like 3 active penpals left and it makes me a bit sad so i think i'll try to find some new penpals soon. also i have lots of stuff i'd like to swap. diddl-stuff and envelopes and stickers. if anyone's interested in that kind of stuff and would like to send me letter sets/letter set sheets/stickers in return, please let me know :)

I'm trying to get rid of the things i don't want anymore. giving stuff to charity and swapping is my goal the next few months i think *heehee*

I've begun on a diet. it's doing ok. i just don't really loose that much weight at the moment cos i've just had a month with lots of parties and stuff. but i'm trying to follow the diet from now on (till the next party arrives... LOL)

this evening i tried to create an account on facebook as LOTS of the ppl i know have asked me if i'd join that site. but for some reason i can't do it. it's something about the java script-something-something that doesn't work. which is weird cos that's the only time i've ever had problems with it. perhaps it'd help if i restarted my computer. once again.

this was a little entry to make you all know i'm still alive. :) i hope you are all well and happy

1/28/07 05:41 pm - paypal

hey :)
I'm thinking about getting an account at paypal so i can buy stuff on the internet.
I thought that before i get an account there and start to use paypal i'd like to hear if any of you guys have some advice or any info you think i should know before i make an account and start getting poor from buying all those things i want on the internet.

1/26/07 09:20 pm - Hi!!!!

went to my last exam today.. and i passed! i was really worried if i'd pass it or not because i don't understand much of anything we were supposed to have learned and after i'd been in the examination i found that i didn't have all the notes for the text i'd just talked about.. i was like "oh.. THAT's why i couldn't find anything about that and that... ". in the study group we had had to read a few texts each and make notes for those texts... so we REALLY depended on the other's notes.. but i had, somehow, only gotten 6 pages notes for this text but the girl who wrote the notes had written 7. All the important things were on that site LOL. But i survived and i'm happy about that! haha.

so this weekend i'm gonna relax a lot and clean my apartment. i haven't even vaccumed since some time in november.. :S nasty apartment i have.

On monday i'm gonna go to the uni again and i'm gonna be cheering at the ppl i talk to who will go to the exam then. I think we'll get a few beers then also.. kind of like today.. maan i need to go out soon. i want to party and get drunk. but i also want to just relax first.. :)

I'm hoping that my next semester will be so much better and that i'll have more order in my notes and stuff.. i want next semester to be GREAT!

oh.. did i tell anyone what i'm gonna write about in my bachelor assignment? I'm gonna write about the folk-religion in the Christian middle-ages :)sounds soooo interesting and then i can incorporate some of my other interests as well.. what christians thought about witches and the devil! soooo great! i think i love the world :) do you love the world too?

1/10/07 10:19 pm - Sleeping... zzz....

Hi :) Just wanted to do a little update...

I passed my exam in philosophy! that's SO great. And both my study group-mates got about the same grades as I did. Makes me sure that we are on the same level and that makes me think that that's why it went so great doing the actual studying with them.
That i passed the exam makes me feel so much more comfortable about normal oral exams. Like the one i'm studying for now, comparative religion. i will have the exam on either the 26th or the 29th of january. So after that i think i'll live again. i feel so drained of energy already.... it's strange cos i feel like sleeping all the time...

i haven't eaten any popcorn for 5 days now! i was beginning to have a very sore neck after eating popcorn in the evenings so i thought i'd try not to eat it for a while. Instead i eat nuts when i feel hungry in the evenings. much more good for my body. i think i'll try to avoid popcorn for a month or two and then i'll see what i'll do then.

I heard on the news today that 8 children have died because they were playing hanging after watching the before and after pictures of saddam hussein... what the hell? i do know that children play grown ups and they adopt many weird things in their playing.. but.. HANGING!?!?!

I went to the clairvoyance-circle last night.. it was nice. i found myself in more than one situation where i was like "am I doing this? it's really that simple? wow". it's weird but fun too :) I think i got some useful tools to work with.. opening/closing-rituals and explanations to a few things. very nice. I was the youngest person there and i felt a little outside from the others cos they seemed to be 30 years and over and a few of them knew each other from the group from last year. But i am really optimistic about the learning-process.

I will do an add again about swapping: i got loads and loads of envelopes from letter sets that just collect dust over here. i would like to swap them for letter set sheets, stickers and address labels... actually anything i can use in my letters except envelopes. haha. Anyone interested in a swap?

1/5/07 09:23 pm - oh my god... i think my brain is gonna explode...

i just got home from the uni. i've been there 11 hours today studying with my study-group. I'm sooooo tired. I think i'm so tired that i'm a bit sad. I get sad sometimes when i'm tired. i don't know if it's just me who's weird or if it's normal at all. heh.

on the first bus on the way home there was two arab-looking young guys who kept staring at me. I don't know if it's really that weird to wear a collar? I mean.. it's not like i'm the first to wear such thing and dress in black and that stuff.... i was so close to yell "stop that!" at them in arabic but i must say they looked kind of dumb so i doubt that they know any arabic.. prejudice me.. heh.

It's been very good at the uni though. I'm so happy that we got a new person in the study group. she's so nice and fun and she's really great to study with. it's not like she gets annoyed with me and karina's "coffee-club" (we have long breaks where we just sit and talk about everything over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. :) it's really nice) she actually just joins in as much as she can and i'm so happy she's not afraid to ask about some of our jokes that she never heard about before. I'm so happy.
And we do get a lot of studying done also! it's not just coffee-club. it's a really great study-group! we can sit and talk about one text for so long... it's so nice. I think it's been a really good day today :) i'm just really really tired now.... hehe

Big hugs to you all :)

1/2/07 08:51 pm - i think i'm back...

man.. this semester at the uni has been pure hell.. i've spend So much time reading and studying and i'm almost going out of my mind. but my two exams are on monday (or tuesday) and the 25th (i think). heh. i hope that i can cope with being on the internet more often after those exams.

i am sorry that i haven't been updated on anyone but my active penpals the last half a year or so... i'm a bit frustrated about it. but i hope you are all fine and i hope none of you are angry with me for being so invincible (and late with my letters)...

happy new year to all of you :)

9/22/06 07:46 pm - *sigh*

hi everyone... long time no see.. i really don't know why i don't seem to find the time to be on LJ so often anymore. And i feel sorry for being so behind (with the two letters on my table)..

Well... this week i've been more and more depressed. it's not that i sit down and cry a lot but i just seem to be very serious. even at times when i'm usually just a silly head.

K. at the uni annoys me a lot these days. it's like she's forgotten about my interests and beliefs and stuff.. I think she's very stressed herself but that doesn't make it ok to laugh at how i look while telling a joke instead of laughing at the joke. or getting annoyed with me because she doesn't understand that i'm actually making a joke. Or telling me that i'm weird because i don't want to risk making the dead angry or sad about something i do.

It was really bad today i think. We had a little trip to a local church and graveyard where we were to do a little looking around and then next week we'll get into groups and we'll do a little paper or something about one of the things we found interesting that the church or the graveyard (could be about the difference between jewish graves and christian graves or some symbolism in the crucifix). K. just laughed at me when i said that today i wore more neutral clothes than i usually do because i didn't want to upset anyone in the church or the graveyard. that i don't like christianity doesn't mean that i can be disrespectful enough to wear t shirts with satanic signs i think. If we were going to speak to a priest i'd rather that he saw me with an open mind instead of thinking of me as an opponent of the church. is that so funny?

i really hoped that Martine would come to class today but she's been to a concert last night and that apparently meant that she felt too busted and tired to go to class today. great. i really wanted her to come along for two reasons: this little trip is like the foundation of this whole semester in christianity-class. and i hoped she'd come along because we think much alike. so if she'd been around i think i wouldn't have noticed K. making jokes about me...

colm from my class is so great haha. and his mates are too. LOL. one of them called me last saturday really late in the evening to ask if me and martine would go out with them and get drunk. i told him that we'd written colm lots of text messages the day before when we met in town (they had to go home to colm for some reason but they got back to town again trying to find us) and that we'd just sat at the same place all evening. Colm's friend got really angry and he just said "one second, dear" and then i could hear him shouting to colm in a 100% irish dialect (colm is irish so i guess his mate is as well.. LOL) "COLM YOU BLOODY SHITE! I SHOULD HANG YOU!..." and lots of other things. i couldn't help laughing. haha. poor colm. but it's not my fault that he doesn't answer my messages. he IS a shite... HAHA

my piercing is just fine. i love it :) in november my grand mom is gonna see it for the first time. my mom has told nobody that i got a piercing. so in just one weekend i'll have to cope with about 4 ppl or more making comments about it. i hope it's just gonna be more intelligent comments than the one my dad made: "why have you got a piercing?"

Update on my grand mom's cancer: she's alright and i think her fingernails and hair are growing out again? but honestly i still don't care about her. i'll be surprised if i cry when she dies.

i really really miss Jan. I miss him sooooo much! i don't regret that we're taking a break. i really think it's still the best solution at the time. but that doesn't mean that i love him less.

the world seems to be going crazy these days... all the riot-stuff in budapest and the stuff in thailand. and in denmark there is a trial or something at the moment against some ppl the police claims to have planning terrorism and then today they did a razzia (i am not sure this is the english word as well.. LOL) against a mosque claiming that it has NOTHING to do with terrorism. hmm... then why do it now? of course the police won't say why they did that razzia

arabic is doing fine. i'm already able to recognize a few letters in arabic texts. and i've only had arabic twice. it's gonna be so well i think :)

I've made a decision about me and jan... i can't wait to get back to him till he's done with his major projects.. hehe... but i'll get back to him when i've lost 10 kg (then i'll just be 5kg overweight.. yeah!) and then hopefully he can help me loose the last 5kg.. ;)

my knees hurt soooo much now. gotta walk around a bit. so i'll end my entry here.. hope you are all well despite all the break-ups you are dealing with, the riots and the lack of money and whatever else your problems are :)

9/6/06 08:35 pm - started at the uni

yay.. started at the uni this week. it's really good :) i'm still having problems coping with most of the ppl in class but i'm determined to work on it... at least with some of the ppl in class.
The ppl i'm mainly gonna work on coping with are the ppl who are gonna have arabic with me. mainly because i'm gonna have those classes with them and that could mean that i'd be able to get to know them... lol. but also because the ppl from arabic are not the really disgusting ones who only think about guys and parties...

Yesterday i sent Jan a letter telling him how i feel about all this pause-thing... i told him that i wrote the letter cos i am not sure i can talk to him on the phone without crying and i don't like crying on the phone with him on the other end because it makes him sound so worried and that's the last thing i want him to be... :(

tomorrow some ppl from my class are going on a pubcrawl with the new religion-class. my friend caroline just started in that class. I'm really excited about it. perhaps i'll get to know some new ppl :D and perhaps some of those ppl from my class will finally talk with me? would be pretty nice :)

i'm writing on the letters i've got the last eehhmm.. two months? so i hope to be done with those pretty soon :) I am so sorry that i'm not that good at writing letters back that fast... :( if anyone is annoyed about it, please let me know.

my piercing is doing just fine :) i really like it still. it's just so me :D

i wanna loose 15 kg before me and jan get back together again... and i'm thinking about doing a vegetable/fruit-week... just eating carrots and apples and such, drinking water and tea. sounds like a diet and i guess it is.. but if it's just for one week to give my weight loss a kick start then i guess it's ok? after that i'll eat more normally again but still ehh.. low-fat stuff... heh..

that's about it on the news from my life...

8/30/06 07:44 pm - what's going on in my life lately... :)

last wednesday me and jan decided to take a break. i guess i'm ok with it because i haven't really lost him.. he's just kind of on stand by. i miss him sooooo much :/
cried the whole day away. i don't think i've cried so much over another person. well that's a lie. i cried more when my granddad died. but besides that.....

I'm ok with it now. at least i don't cry anymore. on the other hand.. i haven't dared to call him yet. i really really hate to cry on the phone.. especially when i'm talking to him :S

last friday i bought myself a pair of army boots. have only wanted such for about 7 years... LOL i love them :)*yay*

and yesterday i got a piercing in my eye brow. have also wanted that for 7 years. and i totally love that too :) i was afraid it'd be very swollen and being in weird colors by now but it's not. it's barely swollen and it only hurts when i sneeze or make strange moves with the eyebrow. well... it's not really pain, but i can feel it still :) i even have a temporary name for my piercing :) i'm calling it my little tut :) tut is what you call people to comfort them or if they act cute or something. well.. at least in some parts of denmark. LOL.

i think i just like to give things names LOL

I'll start on uni on monday. i'm so excited and my bag is already packed LOL.

on friday i'll go to a gig. three metal bands are playing. among them a metal band from libanon... LOL. the rumors says that it's a really hard sound they have. i'm so excited about it. the other bands are from germany and odense. LOL. the odense-band's singer is my friend's bf. haha. have only heard him sing when being really drunk.. and then it was mainly led zeppelin songs (yes.. he sings almost as nice as robert plant did when he was young and DAMN hot *giggles*).

on saturday i'll have my little brother over for a sleep over. it's gonna be fun (i hope). i just hope he doesn't think i'm boring or anything.

well.. that's it for now i think :) hope you are all well.. :)

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